Things to carry while travelling

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Things to carry while travelling with baby

Some parents find it really strenuous to travel with a baby. But if everything is planned then trust me you can have an amazing time traveling with baby. Things do vary depending on your vacation location, weather conditions and  mode of travel. Made the list of things assuming this to be a road travel. First thing first let’s have a list of 10 most important things to carry in baby travel bag :


– note down the prospective weather conditions and pack the clothes accordingly. Always pack extra clothes as you never know what your kid is going to do. Like if you are travelling for 4 days, Pack a minimum of 7 pairs for the kids. Clothing will include

  • T shirts
  • Lowers
  • Pair of socks
  • 2-3 pair of shoes / boots (depending on weather)
  • Caps – depending on weather
  • Sunglasses
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Bibs


Keep a check which all are your kids favorite toys. Best tip is to pack a small bag of toys so these can be kept in handy. in your things to carry while travelling list this section is a must to keep kid busy.

  • Baby teethers
  • pacifiers
  • Soft toys
  • Colors and a coloring book (if kids are fond of it home too)
  • Sound toys
  • Some new toys to surprise 🙂


 Road travel eans you need to be prepared for potty breaks. Pack the below

  • Diaper bag
  • Diapers
  • Diaper changing mat
  • Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Plastic bags
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Kids soap / shampoo

Medical kit 

This is most important as emergency can arise any moment. Prepare a medical kit that includes

  • Kids thermometer
  • Recommended medicines for fever, cold etc
  • Baby cream
  • Colic syrups
  • Asthma pump (if kid use one)


Always keep things your kids love to eat. As it is the only solution to calm a cranky baby. So pack

  • All types of baby foods
  • Fruits

Tissues pack

This will help keeping your vehicle really clean. So always keep a pack of dry tissues in your car and use it as and when required to clean the baby’s face, hands etc.


Always keep a baby blanket in car as weather may vary for the little one. Keep few as per your baby’s comfort.


Best thing to carry as kid will be very comfortable in this


For the infants this part is most important, things to carry are

  • Baby feeders / bottles
  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Bottle washing gel
  • Formula milk
  • Baby cereals
  • Feeding bowl
  • Breast pumps and accessories
  • Baby sippers
  • Feeding spoon
  • Other baby gears

    • Baby carry belt/sling
    • Baby monitor
    • Pacifier
    • Backpack
    • Car seat

Tips :

  • Pack medicines in resealable plastic bags. If in case it leaks it should not affect other things in the bag
  • Make a separate small bag for eatables to keep handy all the time
  • Keep a no spill snack container to avoid the mess

once you have a kid, whole life takes a beautiful turn. From travelling unplanned to highly planned trip. things to carry while travelling becomes the most crucial part.

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