Veg Fried Rice Recipe | Szechuan rice recipe

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Tofu Fried Rice Recipe


Many a times we wonder as to what to do with the leftover rice? So instead of changing rice form completely, we have slightly modified it. Opened my refrigerator and saw a bowl of cooked rice and in vegetable compartment  got exact raw veggies i was looking for.. 🙂

So here i made Schezwan fried rice with Tofu (soya paneer)

I have used Tofu here to increase the nutritional value of th meal. Cottage Cheese can also be used.

Tofu is a paneer made out of soya milk. It is gluten free cheese, good source of proteins and amino acids. Benefits of consuming tofu includes


  • It lowers the bad cholesterol from boddy hence enhance the goodness of heart health
  • It boosts immunity. As it has high proteins, nutrients and antioxidant properties it prevents the body to feel sick.  
  • Best for women hitting their menopause. All the related disorders like headaches, anxiety, stress, mood swings, dizziness etc can be controlled upto a good mark
  • Acts a a good anti agent. So ladies!! Just go for it
  • Tofu reduces the insulin resistance of blood hence its very good to control type 2 diabetes.

Now lets start with a scrumptious recipe to make tofu fried rice.  Mentioned quantity will make 1 plate good enough for 1 to eat.

Cooking is fun with Video. Let’s watch step by step video

Ingredients required to make Fried Rice are

  • Tofu (soya paneer)
  • Soya Sauce – 2 tbsp
  • Vinegar – 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Boiled Rice (leftover rice)
  • French beans chopped – 1
  • Capsicum chopped – 1
  • Onion – 1
  • Schezwan Sauce
  • Oil

Process to make Fried Rice

  • Cut the tofu into thin strips
  • I will start with marinating tofu strips. Take a bowl and add soya sauce into it
  • Add 1 tbsp of vinegar into it.
  • Add salt to taste
  • Mix it well and pour it over tofu strips in a way that each strip is coated well.
  • Keep it aside for 10 minutes.
  • Now in a pan heat butter. Keep stirring so that butter is not burnt
  • Shallow fry the tofu strips. Do it till tofu is little brown from all the sides and keep it aside.
  • Now heat oil in a pan and saute sliced onion in it
  • Add chopped beans and capsicum and saute it well
  • Add salt to taste
  • Once all the veggies are par cooked, add schezwan sauce. For schezwan sauce recipe CLICK HERE.
  • Most important step 🙂 add boiled / cooked rice into it and mix it really well.
  • At the end add ½ tbsp of soya sauce.
  • Mix it well and cook for another 2-3 minutes on a low flame.
  • Its ready to be served with tofu strips which we have fried earlier. Mix all the strips in rice and enjoy


Tips :

  • I have diluted the schezwan sauce with water so that each grain of rice should be coated well
  • You can use as many vegetables as you like viz. Carrots, peas etc
  • Cottage cheese can also be used in similar way. Only that you need to manage excess water which will come out during shallow frying. Just increase the quantity of butter a little bit.
  • To make it more spicy you can add chopped green chillies too.
  • Also you can garnish it with greens of spring onions.

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