Spring Roll Wrapper Recipe

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Spring roll wrapper recipe

Spring Rolls are rolled appetizers. To make spring rolls at home, first and foremost requirement is of making the outer layer i.e. the sheet or some call it a wrapper. In this recipe i will be making spring roll sheets. Once sheets are prepared, you can use any stuffing you want to.

Same sheets can be used to make Indian’s favorite Samosa too.  Its more hygienic to make spring rolls at home. Recipe to make spring roll wrappers is very easy and only four main ingredients are required to make it.

I love spring rolls and these are the fixed appetizers on our dine out. I never thought making these at home is so easy. Now that i make these at home, my family members are relaxed to order appetizers other than spring rolls 🙂

Learning is fun if supported by a video so Step by step video presentation is given below

Ingredients required to make spring roll wrappers

  • All purpose flour – 1 bowl
  • Salt to taste
  • Water – 2 bowl
  • Oil

Process to make spring roll wrappers

  • In a bowl take all purpose flour
  • add salt to the flour. Mix dry ingredients together.
  • Add water gradually. stir it continuously so that no lumps should form.
  • Heat a pan. Put oil in a pan and rub on of with napkin on whole pan
  • Pour the batter and spread it on pan by rotating the pan as shown in the video
  • wait for 3-4 minutes. then flip the side as shown in the video
  • Your wrappers are ready.

Tips :

  • Leave the batter aside for 30 minutes. The sheets will not torn while making rolls
  • You can add corn starch too to make it crispy.

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spring roll wrappers


I have made maggi spring rolls using these sheets. Hope you will like it as share it 🙂

spring rolls

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  1. December 8, 2016

    […] This is my version to Chinese Spring roll recipe. I always replace noodles with maggi. Maggi is loved by all. So in this recipe I will first prepare maggi and then stuff it into spring roll sheets. You can use spring roll wrappers readily available in market or if you want to make it at home then for an easy recipe of spring roll wrappers CLICK HERE […]

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