4 ingredients mousse | OREO Mousse recipe

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Homemade Mousse Shot

Mousse is a sweet dish made up of whipped cream. I love the Belgian choc shot by cafe coffee day. So thought why not to make a different variant of it using my baby’s favorite cookie Oreo. This is an eggless mousse recipe.

It is very yummy and can be made with just 4 ingredients!! even with three ingredients as the fourth one is optional. I always make this as a last minute preparation for guests.

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Video representation is given below


Mentioned quantity will make 3-4 shots

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Ingredients required to make shots

  • Cream – 100 ml (I have used Amul fresh cream and have whipped it to reach desired consistency. please check whipped cream recipe)
  • Powdered Sugar – 1.5 tbsp
  • Oreo Cookies – 4-5 (2 for mixture and rest for decoration)
  • Chocolate syrup


Process to make Mousse Shots

  • Take 2 Oreo in a bowl and crush it. Keep it aside.
  • In an another bowl take whipped cream. While whipping I have not added any sugar or flavor.
  • Add powdered sugar to it. Blend it with the help of a hand mixer. As the cream is already whipped so it will be easier to reach the desired consistency.
  • Add crushed oreo to it and whisk again with hand mixer.
  • I have used shots glasses. You can use any dish you want
  • Pour half of the cream in the glasses
  • In remaining cream add chocolate syrup and blend again
  • Pour this darker color cream on the top of shots glasses.
  • Now freeze the shots for atleast half an hour. After half an hour take the glasses out and decorate it with oreo cookies.
  • Serve chilled πŸ™‚

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