Besan Burfi | Chickpea Flour Recipe

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Besan Ki Barfi

Season of festivals has begun. Time to dress up nicely, eat lots of sweets, visit decorated markets, performing rituals, truly these all made us proud of our rich culture. 

To celebrate different occasions, let’s have something sweet today. Besan Barfi, a sweet made of gram flour and dry fruits. It is very healthy to consume and also loved by kids (my daughter really enjoy it). So let’s begin with the process. Besan (gram flour) serves as a favorite ingredients in every Punjabi home. We punjabis can make anything with it from sweet to savoury. Our famous kadhi, burfi, cheela etc are made from besan only.

Gram flour also has very high nutritional content. It is various benefits like managing cholesterol, controlling diabetes(but not in the form of barfi)

Step by step video to make dessert is as follows

Ingredients to make besan burfi

  • Gram flour 1 bowl
  • Ghee 4 tbsp
  • Sweetened condensed milk ½ bowl
  • Powdered Sugar 3 tbsp
  • To garnish use Crushed Almonds

Process to make Besan Burfi

  • Heat 4 tbsp of ghee in a pan.
  • Once hot, add gram flour / besan and keep stirring continuously so that flour should be cooked evenly and not burnt
  • Add condensed milk and while adding keep stirring continuously
  • Switch off the gas burner and then add powdered sugar
  • Take a dish in which you want your flour mix to settle and cool down. Grease the dish with ghee. You can also use aluminium foil as base of dish.
  • Pour the above prepared mixture into it and gently press it with your fingers
  • Spread crushed almonds on top of it. You can use any nuts you like. I am going by what  my daughter likes.
  • Keep it in freezer for 20 minutes
  • After 20 minutes take it out and cut it into small squares like barfi.
  • Your besan burfi is ready to serve


  • Always stir continuously otherwise the flour will get burnt and give a bitter taste.
  • Add as many dry fruits as you like.


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